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March 2017

Feel Better Tablets

Both new and existing customers can now get their hands on some market leading tablets deals on EE - the UK’s leading 4G network. We couldn’t have made things simpler too for you to choose the plan just right for you.

It can be very confusing when selecting the right tablet plan to suit you or if your purchasing for a family member. There are various considerations like how much monthly data will you require? Am I better to pay more upfront and keep the monthly cost down or vice versa?

We have made the selection process a lot simpler for you by picking the top 4 tablets on the market (on Apple iOS or Android), offering 2 monthly price plans (with generous monthly data packages at either 10GB or a huge 20GB!) and an upfront charge of just £19.99 for all tablet deals – even the iPad Pro! So click here now to grab one of the deals now as all is due to end on April 30th!




New Samsung Galaxy Launch

We are set to launch an exclusive offer for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy device. Register your interest here and be the first to know when the phone is released, we’ll also send you some market-leading offers!



The EE-mergency Services Network

300,000 Emergency Services end users, including police, fire and rescue, and ambulance, are to benefit from nationwide 4G voice and data services for the first time. EE consumer and business customers will also benefit from expanded coverage and enhanced network reliability.

Phased transition of end users to new Emergency Services Network to begin in mid-2017 and a commitment to 98% geographic coverage (not just populations coverage) by the end of 2019. EE to invest in building more than 500 new 4G sites and deploying highly resilient new core system to deliver ground-breaking critical communications network. So what does this mean to all EE users? This means that EE customers will continue have access to the UK’s biggest, fastest and most reliable network.


A Face to the Friendly Voice

When calling into Voice Mobile, a lot of you will have been fortunate enough to have had a chat with our friendly switchboard receptionist, Meg. I am sure a lot of you will also watch Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Live show too. If this is the case, then you are sure to have seen Meg on the show.

Meg got married recently and went on the show to have a nice little surprise sprung upon her (and her husband, Jack) when Ant and Dec showed them some secret filming of their respective Stag and Hen parties. While Meg and Jack were enjoying their parties, little did they know that both set of parents were secretly sitting in the wings in disguise keeping a close eye on them and all was filmed by the hit Saturday night show. It was all worth it though as for being such good sports as both families won trips to Florida. Nice one, Meg!



February 2017

Just Ridiculous

Have a peek at our SIM only offers - you’ll see that you’re getting a whole lot more than “only a SIM” - including a ridiculous 50% discount!  As well as the bread and butter benefits that we have all come to expect with our mobile phone tariffs (minutes, texts and data), our exclusive police SIM Only deals include some great extra benefits and start from just £4.99 per month!*

SIM only deals are cheaper. Because you're paying for just the SIM card and accompanying tariff, there's no mobile phone cost to factor into your monthly bill. So, in other words, the same amount of minutes, texts and data will cost less on a SIM only deal, than they will as part of a contracted phone plan.  These types of tariffs are perfect for the kids or for those who are happy with their existing handsets and want to save a few quid – and there is no better time to save as we are currently offering 50% off!

Don’t think that you are losing out on all the other free goodies that EE provide though – our police SIM Only tariffs are also available with EU calls, texts and data, BT Sport, Apple Music and access to the UK’s largest and fastest 4G network.  Click on the SIM Only tab above to see which tariffs include these various treats!

*Equivalent cost after Cash Back.




An Apology

One of our most frequently asked questions is “are your police deals available to my friends and family?” – and the answer is a resounding YES.  We have obviously been be doing a bad job of letting you all know this so we would like to apologise!  As a goodwill gesture for the bad job we have been doing, we are offering £15 shopping vouchers to any of our existing customers who recommend someone to us.

It’s simple – let your friends and family know about the great deals that we offer and make sure that they mention your name when ordering a new EE contract.  Then get in touch with us and we’ll arrange to send you £15 Love 2 Shop vouchers…’re very welcome!



That's Champion!


If you haven’t downloaded the BT Sport app yet, there is no better time than now.  The knockout stages of the Champions League start in February with 3 English clubs competing against Europe’s finest.  You can view all these fixtures and a whole lot more European fixtures (including the Premiership) free with EE’s 3 months’ free BT Sport.


Text the word SPORT to 150 and follow the steps download the app and keep an eye out on our exclusive police Facebook page (search Voice999 on Facebook to like our page) to see all the upcoming fixtures.  Here is a little taster of the BT Sport matches in February:-


Bayern Munich vs Arsenal

Man City vs Monaco

Sevilla vs Leicester

Liverpool vs Tottenham

Watford vs West Ham United


Samsung Spotlight

Introducing the new Galaxy A.

Discover a range of phones that effortlessly blend style, revolutionary features and functionality into one. Made from premium materials, the water and dust resistant design will ensure your phone stays looking its best. And with a range of vibrant colours to choose from, you can pick the perfect look to suit you.

The higher resolution front and rear cameras ensure your photos are clearer and brighter, and the new floating camera icon makes it easier to capture perfect selfies.

With the Galaxy A, feel free to go further and do more.

Click here to view phones.



January 2017


Senior Decision Made

In December, Cumbria Police Federation became the 40th Police Federation Board to be provided with their business mobile phones by Voice Mobile.  Paul Senior, Secretary/Treasurer Cumbria PF had this to say - “We felt we were gaining the whole package by switching our business mobile phone services to Voice Mobile.  They have a strong reputation within the police family throughout the UK given their market leading prices and customer service.  In addition, their network partner EE has moved considerably ahead of the competition when it comes to coverage in the areas that we operate”.    Paul Senior’s comments reflects EE’s coverage drive in rural areas and intention to cover the whole country with 4G. 

EE is seeking to dial up its coverage advantage over rivals with a pledge to expand its 4G network to 95pc of the country by 2020, as it reaps the benefit of a lucrative contract with the Home Office to connect the emergency services.  EE is seeking to capitalise on the deal it made last year with the Government to replace the Airwave radio network by promising to eradicate “not-spots” for consumers too.

• 300,000 Emergency Services end users, including Police, Fire and Rescue, and Ambulance, to benefit from nationwide 4G voice and data services for the first time

• Phased transition of end users to new Emergency Services Network to begin in mid-2017

• EE to invest in building more than 500 new 4G sites and deploying highly resilient new core system to deliver ground-breaking critical communications network

• EE customers to benefit from expanded coverage and enhanced network reliability


Win Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Just because we are such a nice bunch here at Voice Mobile, one lucky person will be receiving a fantastic Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 simply by entering our competition.  All you have to do is ‘Like’ our exclusive police Facebook page.  Click here to take you to the page and hit ‘Like’.  The winner will be announced on January 31st.  Good luck!






A Mutual Friend

While working in police circles, Voice Mobile have made some great business friends and here is a few words from one of them – Police Mutual.


How to control the cost of your insurance

Police Mutual have put together some tips to help cut the cost of your insurance whilst still getting the level of protection you need. Plus, for a limited time only, they are offering a *5% online discount for both home and car insurance if you buy online.


How to save on your insurance…

When it comes to buying home or car insurance, there are two things you need to consider – getting the right cover, and paying the right price.

Home insurance

Review your level of cover

It’s not unknown for people to pay for insurance they don’t require – like renters signing up for home & contents cover, when they really just need contents-only. So check you have the right level of cover, and don’t pay for protection you don’t need.

Strengthen security

Most insurers stipulate a minimum level of home security in order to qualify for cover, like a 5-lever mortice lock or a key-operated multi-point locking system. You may be asked questions about your home’s security in your initial application, and the stronger it is the lower your premiums are likely to be.

Car insurance

Choosing the right excess

Choosing the level of voluntary excess on your motor policy is similar to tailoring your home insurance – the higher the excess, the lower your monthly premiums. Ultimately, it’s about finding the right balance to suit your needs.

Drive carefully

If you don’t currently enjoy full no-claims-discount, you’ll already know how much driving errors can cost you. In fact, retaining and maximising your no-claims-discount is just about the best way to lower your insurance costs. So drive carefully, obey the Highway Code and stick to the speed limit, because speeding points can increase your premiums too.

And finally… always provide accurate information

When you’re getting a quote for home or car insurance, always make sure that the information you provide is correct and accurate - inaccurate information could leave you underinsured.

If you’re interested in car or home insurance from Police Mutual, why not go online now and get a quote? You’ll even get a 5% discount if you buy a policy online – the discount is automatically applied to any new car or home insurance policy taken out any time from now until 28 February 2017*

Click here to get a car or home insurance quote 

*5% online discount to our standard premium price is for new customers purchasing online only. The discount is automatically included on every new car & home insurance premium quoted and purchased from 1 January to 28 February 2017. Police Mutual reserve the right to remove this discount at any time. This discount excludes renewal policies and optional extras. Minimum premiums apply.


Music to Your Ears

Get the music you love, on us.  The UK's biggest and fastest network is now even better with music. So EE are giving you six months of Apple Music. It's available for anyone starting a pay monthly phone contract or SIM only plan, with an iOS or Android phone.

How To Get Apple Music

- Choose a police EE pay monthly phone or SIM plan at

- Receive your new phone or SIM

- Text MUSIC to 150

- You will then be text step-by-step instructions

- Enjoy six free months of Apple Music

- £9.99 a month afterwards or cancel any time

December 2016

You’ve been charged

A large security operation took place in Birmingham for West Midlands Police with the Conservative Party Conference taking place at the start of October, Voice Mobile were on hand at the 2 dedicated police sites in the city to provide officers with 24/7 device charge for their mobile phones or tablets and also offer advice on all things mobile phone related.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to you and the team at Voice Mobile for taking the time to show support during Operation Pelkin.  This is one of the biggest operations policed within the West Midlands Force area.   The feedback I received from the officers was very positive, it felt the officers were able to discuss various products with you.  I am grateful to you for supplying the charging points, I know that officers and staff made full use of them during the operation! I’m pleased that we have managed to start this working relationship and hope that it can continue with future operations.Thank you once again for the help and support you provided”.

- Kieran Ronan, Operation Pelkin, West Midlands Police


Thank you

The National Police Memorial Day continues to receive ongoing support from Voice Mobile to assist with this poignant event. The event remembers police officers who have been killed or died on duty and demonstrates to relatives, friends and colleagues of fallen officers that their sacrifice is not forgotten. With each and every order placed from our police customers, Voice Mobile makes a donation to this fantastic charity and has so far raised over £12,000. A big thank you has to go to our police customers.

“National Police Memorial Day remains extremely grateful to Ian, Gary and Voice Mobile for their kindness and generosity. They understand the importance of remembering and honouring our fallen colleagues, ensuring that the Nation acknowledges a timely reminder of the true meaning of public service and the high price, which is too often paid by officers and their families, for that service. Indeed, they are unstinting in their valuable support. A fact which was rightly recognised in this years’ order of service, at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Voice Mobile’s professional excellence and hard work in fundraising is essential to the ongoing success of NPMD. We are proud to work with them, they are true friends to the Police service.”

- Joe Holness, QPM, NPMD Founder

EE benefits keep getting better….

In addition to the fantastic prices and service that we provide, our customers also benefit from the great extra benefits that come with an EE package. These now include free BT Sport, free Apple Music and obviously access to the EE network, which is the UK’s largest and fastest network. Their recent win of the contract to provide the UK’s emergency services with their mobile and data requirements is a real sign of the strength of EE’s network". Gary McCloy, Member Benefit Partners Business Development Manager

Selected Tariff:

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